How to get verified on snapchat without being famous

So you want to get verified on Snapchat? On one hand, I get it – getting a blue checkmark next to your username is cool and all. But can we be honest here? Getting verified probably won’t increase your snapchat score much, if at all. So why bother trying? Well, in addition to bragging rights, Snapchat has recently added a feature called “Our Verified Stories” – allowing verified users to upload photos and videos to an exclusive, seperate feed.

Verification comes with its perks…

What is verified?

Here’s where things get confusing. Not all accounts that are deemed “verified” by Snapchat are actually able to participate in the Our Verified Stories feature. Verified accounts can be found on Snapchat by clicking the settings cog, then “Manage” – if you see the snapcode for your account there, you’re good to go!

Be patient after applying for verification…

Verification Process

Here’s where things get a little difficult. First off, it could take several days before your account is actually verified. Second of all, you have to have an established brand name in order to get verified – sorry, small businesses! Third of all, you’ll need access to the company’s social media accounts in order for Snapchat to verify your identity.

Snapchat is selective about who they choose…

Your Brand?

As previously mentioned, Snapchat is selective about who they choose to verify. It goes without saying that you should have a well-established brand name before even thinking about applying for verification. Chances are your account will not be verified if your page doesn’t offer a lot to potential followers – so what can you do? Well, creating a catchy profile description and filling up your page with user-generated content are good places to start.

When you are applying for verification, show them who you are…

Is it Worth It?

Whether or not getting verified on Snapchat is worth the trouble depends completely on your own needs. If you don’t have an established brand name, there’s no point in trying – a verified checkmark will only look silly next to a low number of followers. However, if you have a well-established brand name and are looking for a way to increase your presence on the app, going through the verification process might be worth it.

If you want to get verified without being famous…

Get Featured in Our Verified Stories!

Now that you know the process of getting verified on Snapchat, how do you actually get this magical blue checkmark? Well, Our Verified Stories is a big role in this. As mentioned before, only select accounts can actually upload content to Our Verified Stories – and even then, there isn’t a set list of who is and isn’t allowed to participate.

The best way to get in? Keep an eye on your messages and be on the lookout for a notice from Snapchat saying that they want you to contribute! This made-for-celebrities feature is absolutely worth getting verified for, but don’t expect it to show up on your profile page anytime soon. Thanks for reading!

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