How to get verified on twitch

A lot of you are probably wondering how to get verified on twitch. After an initial verification program, they have banned the practice entirely. This article will explain how to become thoroughly verified for Twitch.

Verification was originally introduced by twitch as a means of verifying that streamers were “the real deal”. Upon first receiving your twitch account, you would have needed to fill out a form on how to get verified on twitch. After this initial verification period, you had the ability to apply for “pro” status. As of December 2014 however, Twitch has ended Verified status and users are no longer able to submit an application for it. They stated that it was because of the high volume of applications for verified users.

How to Get Verified on Twitch: Currently There is No Way To Apply For Verification Or “Pro” Status, Yet

While how to get verified on twitch has changed, there are still several steps that you can take to appear as a verified user. The following tips are how to get verified on twitch without actually being able to apply!

So what can you do to get verified? I know this is vague, sorry! Hopefully, Twitch will make this process easier in the future. For now, my best advice would be to start building your stream up bigger and bigger until you reach pro status or become very popular. There is no magic trick or shortcut, sorry.

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