Internet Users Share Johnny Depp Memes That Prove He is the Main Character

#3: Don’t Look

When you were younger it seemed like there was nothing more fun than having your very own bank account. The freedom to do what you wanted, and to spend your money however you pleased sounded extremely appealing at the time. But these days it is more of a drag than anything else…

Now it feels like you are constantly explaining to your friends and family why you can’t possibly join them for some sort of occasion… Let’s just hope that people don’t see into your bank account because that seems like it might be a little harder to explain.

#4: In One Ear, Out the Other

When you are famous, the second something bad comes out about you in the media, whether it be true or false, it can be very difficult to protect your image. Whilst many celebrities do get themselves into trouble, there are some that try and avoid it at all costs.

In November of 2020, Johnny Depp resigned from his role in the Warner Bros film franchise, Fantastic Beasts. At the time, many thought that he had done terrible things, but it soon came out that the situation wasn’t as black and white as everyone had thought. It seems the internet is trying to get Johnny Depp his old job back and to cause Amber Heard to lose hers.

#5: Admit it!

We all do things in relationships that we regret at a later stage in life… But once a considerable amount of time has passed, all you can do is hope that the other person has also moved on. No matter how bad the thing was that you did, there are always ways to rectify bad behavior…

But as far as we’re concerned, there is nothing that Amber Heard can do about the fact that she did her business in her ex’s bed. There are many shocking things that are coming out of this trial, but never did we expect to come across anything like this.

#7: Protect Him At All Costs

It is no secret that Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard are in the middle of a very public trial related to their marriage. Usually, average people like us don’t get to see the ins and outs of celebrity relationships, especially the legal side of them.

No matter how messy the trial gets, it is clear that the internet is on Johnny Depp’s side. The trial hasn’t ended yet, and we’re sure that there is much more that needs to be uncovered, but it isn’t hard to tell where people on the internet stand in terms of who they are rooting for.

#6: Pirates of the Karenbbean

If you have ever worked in hospitality, you know that there is nothing worse than dealing with rude customers. The one rule that hospitality workers have to live by is “The customer is always right”. And whilst there is some merit to that saying, it isn’t true for every customer…

Johnny Depp has played some pretty scary characters in his time, but we have never seen anything quite as scary as this. We can’t imagine anything scarier than a sea full of Karens! As if Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t freaky enough, they have to throw some class A complainers in there.

#8: Nobody Does it Like Johnny

There are some films and television shows out there that are what they are due to the people that were cast to play certain characters. Sure, there are many elements that make a good film or television show, but you can’t have Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

And we’re pretty sure the internet agrees with us… The movie business is a hard business because you never quite know when a big risk is going to pay off. But it seems to be a consensus that no longer having Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean only hurt the franchise…

#9: This Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Do you ever stop and think about how you managed to complete high school? It feels like most of the time we spent our time in the schoolyard, ditching class, or just not listening to the teachers when they spoke. So how on earth did any of us manage to actually graduate?

We’re pretty sure most people’s high school experience looked a little something like this. Whether you did actually try and listen in class or whether everything went over your head, we’re pretty sure that this experience happened to almost everyone.

#10: It Takes Time…

People always seem to think that their family is the only one with problems. Well, we’re here to tell you that isn’t true… Whether some people like to admit it or not, every family has its secrets, the things they don’t talk about and the things that they talk about too much.

Why do we feel personally victimized by this meme? We all remember when the video of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp apologizing to Australian authorities after they had illegally snuck their dogs into the country back in 2016, right? This screengrab seemed worrying at the time, and now we know why…

#11: Knowledge is Power

When it comes to celebrities, it always seems like people are more interested in learning about their lives than other everyday things. And whilst there is great merit to learning about the more traditional things like math and literature, there are many interesting things one can learn about.

It is safe to say that Johnny Depp fans are more interested in learning about him than they are in anything else. We get it, if you had the opportunity to learn about Johnny Depp or deepen your understanding of mathematic theory, you would prefer to learn about Mr. Depp.

#12: Fashion Police

Everyone knows that when it comes to fashion, there are certain rules one has to live by. These “rules” aren’t so much rules as they are simply codes to help you get dressed in the morning, and whilst it might seem trivial to some, others find them extremely helpful.

We’re not sure if we would ever go to Captain Jack Sparrow for fashion advice, but apparently, he has a little bit of flair. For one, his stances always seem like they have an intention and no matter how drab his clothes look, he manages to style them well.

#13: This Looks a Little Familiar…

Some films are so incredibly famous that you are familiar with how the film ends even if you’ve never seen them. The Titanic is no exception to that rule… Whether you have seen it or not you know that something happens with an iceberg and that there was always enough room for Jack to float with Rose on the door.

Considering how large and public Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is, the entire internet seems to be comparing it to the Titanic. Look, as far as we’re concerned, there are always two sides to every story, this particular story included.

#14: A Man of Many Talents

When you are a world-famous Hollywood actor, it would only make sense that the entire world thinks of you as a man of many talents. Being able to, not have starred in multiple successful film franchises, but to have also made a name for yourself in your own right is pretty impressive.

We knew that being a Hollywood actor meant having many different talents, but we didn’t realize this was considered to be one of them. Don’t get us wrong, balancing a plate of cakes and pastries on your head is definitely impressive… Johnny Depp is a jack of all trades.

#15: Elephants Are My Muse

So many people associate having a hobby with being good at that particular hobby. In reality, many people enjoy doing their hobbies regardless of whether the final product will turn out good or not, especially if it happens to be an art-related hobby.

Take Johnny Depp for example, apparently, he loves to paint elephants, but he isn’t any good at it. Who said you need to be any good at painting in order to paint? Having an outlet in something like painting regardless of whether you are talented or not is important.

#16: What Like it’s Hard?

If you are a person with the internet in 2022, then chances are that you have probably heard about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial. Like any court case, there are two sides, two sets of lawyers, an audience, and a judge who is conducting the trial.

When it comes to court, you want to make sure that you get the best lawyers your amount of money can buy. Considering how much Amber Heard probably paid her lawyers, the internet seems to think that she could have definitely done better…

#17: The Popular Kid

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that like the rest of us, celebrities are just human beings at the end of the day. We get it, their wild success, fame, and wealth put them in a different category from the average person, but they are just like you and me.

We’re sure that celebrities do use the internet, however. But there is no way of knowing whether they see things that others post about them on social media… It is no secret that the internet has been taking favor to Johnny Depp during this whole debacle and we wonder if he knows it?

#18: Watch Me

Considering how good he looks, it can be hard to remember that Johnny Depp has been acting for more than 30 years. He has been the star of so many Tim Burton films and different franchises that it can be hard to keep count after a while…

Well, if you are a true Johnny Depp fan then you definitely would have seen Edward Scissorhands at least once in your life. As the title might suggest, the protagonist of the film has scissors in the place of hands, and we think that this meme is excellent.

#19: Same, Same, But Different

There is nothing more frustrating than when you are so excited to receive an online order just to realize it barely resembles the thing that you initially ordered… Why is it that so many people have the experience of ordering something online and receiving something completely different?

It might not seem like Captain Jack Sparrow’s outfit is that thought out, but let’s be honest, it is a heavily curated masterpiece. We’re not entirely sure if the outfit on the person next to Johnny Depp was meant to be a replica of Jack Sparrow’s outfit, but if it is, it is doing a terrible job.

#20: Marie Kondo Has a Point…

If there is one thing that has come out of the trial between Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp it is that the internet seems to really be siding with the star of Pirates of the CaribbeanI guess we have to wait and see until the trial is over for the results…

But it seems like master declutterer, Marie Kondo has already decided which person sparks more joy. If you know Marie Kondo, then you know that her method of decluttering comes from the idea of understanding which things in your life spark joy, and which do not.

#21: New Phone, Who Dis?

These days there are so many different things you can get a free trial for… From gym memberships to online streaming services, there are so many different ways you can try to avoid having to pay for certain services.

As much as some people might try and deny it, everyone has done this type of thing at least once in their life. Whether you have changed your name, created a new email address, or even gone as far as to purchase a new phone number, we all see the value in a free trial.

#22: Spot the Difference

If you are a fan of sitcoms, then chances are that you have seen an episode of the American version of The Office at least once. Sure, some people don’t want to sit there for 25 minutes and laugh their heads off, but anyone that does enjoy that activity would probably enjoy this television show.

And there is nothing that we love more than seeing memes from The Office. There is an episode where one character, Pam Beasley has to describe the difference between two photographs but claims that there is none… Recent findings that were made public in the trial between Heard and Depp make this meme very relevant.

#23: Reddit Hall of Fame

When it comes to the internet, there are so many different things to discover and do, the opportunities are truly endless. But just as there are countless opportunities, there are also plenty of different wormholes one can get can be swept up into.

For example, who knew that there was such thing as the Reddit Hall of Fame? I mean, this hall of fame isn’t like a real, tangible thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist for a lot of people. Apparently, Johnny Depp has officially made it into this very exclusive group.

#24: In the Toilet, Right?

Just like in many public trials, there are certain things that certain people would have hoped to remain personal. But just like any court case, all evidence of anything related to either person on trial needs to be brought forward for examination in the case that it is found relevant for questioning.

The jury still doesn’t seem to be out on this one… But apparently, Amber Heard and her friend allegedly did their business on Johnny Depp’s bed. Now, we know that this is a very strange thing to come up in a public trial, but their lawyers are airing all of their dirty laundry… Literally.

#25: That Hurt…

Even though it might not seem like it, sometimes celebrities also have to take responsibility for their actions and face the consequences. There are many times when people don’t have to due to their high position in society, but then there are other times when they do.

Regardless of what is happening in the case currently, Warner Brothers decided to drop Johnny Depp from the Fantastic Beasts franchise where he was playing the character, Gellert Grindelwald. And let’s just say that the internet is taking this lightly…

#26: Heart Skips a Beat

There are some things in that life that will always seem to make people nervous no matter how many times we do them. Whether it be something that we do every day or something that happens every so often, many of us can’t help but feel anxious when we do them.

It might not be scary for some, but for others taking that small, yet painstaking step from the escalator stair to the landing can bring on a lot of stress for some people. What if you happen to miss it? What if the person behind you is so close they will bump into you? So many hypotheticals…

#27: You Tell Them, Malfoy

Everyone knows that in the world of Harry Potter, there is one character that always seems to get out of trouble due to who his father is. No matter what he does, or what gets done to him, his father will always be notified. And no one wants to get into trouble with this man…

Well, let’s just try and imagine that for this specific situation Lucius Malfoy is actually Reddit. Judging by how much the Reddit community rallies behind other celebrities at different points, it only makes sense that Johnny Depp is given the same treatment.

#28: Don’t Make Me

There is something about being forced to go to family events that makes you cry a little inside. If you happen to be close with this particular side of the family, then the event shouldn’t be too painful. But often it is the side that you are not close with at all that has all of the events…

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