How do I delete a Google Group?

How do I delete a Google Group? The simple answer is that you cannot. A Google Group can only be deleted if it has no members, but any member of the group can leave the group, which will then make it eligible for deletion. To ensure that your Google Group meets this criterion before deleting it, first check to see how many members are currently in the group and whether they have recently used the email list functionality of your Google Group.

To delete a Google Group, follow the steps below.

  1. If you’re not already viewing the group’s page, click on Groups and select “Groups” from the drop down menu:
  2. Click “More >” and then “Edit settings”:
  3. Scroll to the section labelled “Delete this group” and click the “Delete this group” button.
  4. A warning will appear asking if you’re sure, so click on the “Delete group” button:
  5. Finally, when your Google Group has been deleted, you’ll see a confirmation message like this one:

Note: Deleting a Google Group does not delete any posts or comments. The posts and comments remain intact for the members of the group.

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