How do I permanently delete my Pokemon Go account?

You might have heard of the recent news regarding Pokemon Go and Niantic, who announced that they will be deleting all accounts that are guilty of cheating. This means a lot of players who use a GPS-spoofing app to play where it is illegal or in locations they shouldn’t be in risk having their account deleted. A lot of players are now complaining about this, because they fear their account will be deleted. It is unclear at the moment if these players accounts really will be deleted but it might be a good idea to play safe and delete your account for sure.

Is there any way I can delete my Pokemon Go account myself?

Unfortunately not, you’ll have to contact the support of Niantic and ask them to delete your account. You can use the link below to do so, follow all steps on this page before you get in contact with their support team.

We are not affiliated with Niantic Labs or Nintendo. We cannot guarantee that using this method will result in your account being deleted.

Delete your account: Here is the link you need to delete your account. Be aware that their support team might take a few days to respond. If they don’t, consider creating a new Pokemon Trainer Club account and start over (we cannot guarantee this will work). We do not know if it is possible to create a PTC account if your email address has already been used for another account.

Help! I cannot delete my account because the support team is offline!

Yes, this is what happened to most players at the moment. If you are worried about deleting your Pokemon Go account immediately, try again during the day or evening hours of your local time.

Remember, this is your final chance to delete your account before it’s too late! Don’t wait until the support team will start deleting accounts for real.

How long will my account be kept safe?

We don’t know yet, maybe up to a week or two. Most players who already sent their deletion requests are now reporting that they received a response from the support team and their account is safe for now. Enjoy your last days of Pokemon Go!

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