How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

The number of smartphone users accessing web from their devices is increasing day by day. They want to surf the internet, check emails and update social media profiles at any point of time. But this hunger for internet data gradually affects your cellular data plan. The owners of the iPhone have now started looking for ways to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone as they have to pay heavy bills at the end of the month. It would be great if Apple provides you an option to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone, but till then let’s see how we can manage it manually.

Step 1: Select Settings from your iPhone Home screen or go directly to Settings -> Cellular. You may find this option under the General tab in earlier iOS versions.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Use Cellular Data For… This option is given under the iTunes & App Store section on iPhone 4S, 5 and above running iOS 7+ and below iOS 9+. If you are on an iOS 10 device then scroll up and select Use Cellular Data For…

Step 3: You can now select any app of your choice from a given list to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone. In the new version of iOS, you will find a switch next to each app which you have already updated or installed from the App Store. If you turn ON this switch then only those apps will be allowed to use cellular data. If you turn OFF this switch then those apps will not be able to use cellular data even if it is enabled from the Settings –> Cellular screen.

Step 4: Now you have successfully turned off a few apps that may use a lot of cellular data on your iPhone and thus reduce cellular data usage on iPhone. Repeat the same steps for other apps from this list.

Step 5: You can even enable and disable cellular data usage on iPhone for a single app. For example, you want to use Facebook app but not WhatsApp so open Settings –> Cellular and turn OFF Facebook switch under the Use Cellular Data For section. Now both apps will work fine but Facebook will use cellular data while WhatsApp won’t even when it is enabled.

That’s all, you have successfully finished reducing cellular data usage on iPhone in order to reduce your cellular data bill. This way you can also turn OFF 3G/4G switch under the Cellular Data section once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone will use cellular data when you are out of Wi-Fi area.

A Few Points to Note While Reducing Cellular Data Usage on iPhone:

Your iPhone may not update apps automatically using cellular data. Apps will be updated as and when they are opened so you can do it manually whenever you want to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone. You cannot select only specific apps for this purpose, simply turn ON or OFF switches to enable or disable cellular data usage on iPhone for all the apps at once.

That’s all, it is simple and easy to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone at once instead of manually updating apps one by one. This trick works great if you want your children to use limited number of apps without allowing them to browse the internet with the cellular connection. They will be allowed to use only those apps that you have selected and the remaining will be disabled.

I hope you like this post to reduce cellular data usage on iPhone, if you have any questions or confusions then feel free to ask in the comments below. Do share it with your friends too who own an iPhone and looking for ways to manage their cellular data plan. They will thank me for sharing

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