How to Remove Bloatware From Windows 10 PC

How to Remove Bloatware From Windows 10 PC – If you are using Windows 10 and thinking how to remove bloatware from windows 10 PC, then this article is for you only. Many of the users do not know what is bloatware how to remove bloatware from windows 10 PC? Well, we all know that Microsoft has released its latest Operating System – Windows 10 with lots of new and advanced features. It is the great release till now by Microsoft as all the old issues like BIOS compatibility have been resolved with that.

However, this Operating System – Windows 10 also comes with some pre-loaded apps which you would never use or require. These are called bloatware which takes a lot of space on your PC/laptop. You can also get more additional space by removing these bloatware apps on your PC/laptop.

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware are pre-installed software apps which users do not require or use at all, in fact ever since Windows 10 launched, everyone has been complaining about the bloatware which comes preinstalled with it. In Windows 8, there’s a fair amount of bloatware that ships with the OS, but in Windows 10 this is out of control – at least for people who upgraded from Win7 or 8.1.

Let me clear, if you are planning to buy a new laptop/PC and install windows 10, then you may not face this issue because at the time of buying new PC there will be no bloatware pre-installed on it.

How to Remove Bloatware From Windows 10 PC?

You can follow these steps to remove bloatware from windows 10 PC: –

Right click on the Start menu and select Control Panel .

menu and select . Now click on Programs and Features option.

option. Now you will see all the programs installed on your PC/laptop, scroll down and look for any pre-installed app which is useless to you or not required at all by you, simply right-click on it and hit Uninstall option.

This will uninstall that bloatware from your PC/laptop, you can also remove any unwanted pre-installed app from Windows 10 PC by following the above mentioned steps. You can also get rid of more bloatware apps with a reliable third-party tool which I am going to suggest next.

How to Remove Bloatware or Junk Files From Windows 10 PC?

There are many free tools available for PCs but talk about third-party tool, yes there is a reliable and trustworthy software which will help you to remove all the bloatware from your windows 10 PC. This app is called as SlimCleaner Plus. You can download it from the below link: –

Click Here to Download SlimCleaner Plus for Windows 10 PC/Laptop .

. Now run the setup and follow on-screen instructions.

When installation is completed successfully, click on Start button and hit Launch option. The application will be opened and there you can find all junk/bloatware, simply click on it one by one and hit delete button to remove bloatware from Windows 10 PC.

All the junk files or bloatware along with all related files will be deleted successfully within few minutes. SlimCleaner Plus is an advance tool which can also clean all types of junk files, registry entries, junk registry, system junk files and much more.

By default it comes with many in-built utilities to perform different tasks on your Windows PC/Laptop like clean all types of junk files, registry entries, uninstall bloatware apps etc. You can also download SlimDrivers or DriverPack Solution which will update all drivers automatically within few minutes.

Using Slimcleaner Plus you can remove all types of junk files from Windows 10 PC, along with that it will also boost your overall PC/laptop speed and improve performance. With its Pro version, you can get many more exciting features which are not available in free version. So download the trial version of this software and use it on your PC/laptop for free and remove bloatware from Windows 10 PC.

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