How to Save Battery iPhone health

If you want to be able to use your iPhone as long as possible without worrying about battery life, then this post is for you! Whether it’s a quick tip or a more complex solution, we’ve got the information that will help. In fact, after reading these tips and tricks, you’ll probably feel like your phone can do anything!

-Turn off the “Hey Siri” function: this is a great feature, but it can really drain your battery. To turn it off just go to Settings and then under General there will be an option for Siri called Allow ‘Hey Siri’. Set that to OFF!

-Closeout of apps you’re not using anymore: many people don’t realize that apps use batteries even when they’re not open. If you want to close them out completely, swipe up from the bottom of your phone until all of your apps are showing. Then just tap and hold on any app icon until it starts jiggling around then tap the red minus sign to delete it or if there isn’t a red minus sign, tap the white circle to go back.

-Turn on Low Power Mode: when you turn this mode on it will automatically limit your phone’s performance and can save battery life in just a few hours! You’ll find this setting under Settings > Battery. When you’re done with all of these tips for saving battery iPhone health , you’ll probably feel like your phone can do anything!

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