How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients using Gmail

Do you have a lot of email recipients to send an email to at the same time? If so, this blog post is for you! In this article, we will teach you how to use Gmail’s bulk mailer and mass mailing features. These two tools allow users to easily send emails in batches or groups with just a few clicks.

Steps: When you need to send the same email message with a list of contacts, Gmail’s bulk mailer is your best option. This feature allows users to select one or more emails from their contact lists and then add them to an email at once. Here are the steps for how this works:

Go into Settings (the gear icon) in Gmail and click on “Account” options. – Click on “Labs” under your account settings page and search for “bulk mailer.” Select it by clicking on the circle next to its name before pressing ‘save’ button at bottom of screen . Make sure that ‘enable’ is selected after making changes! Now go back up top where you started and click on “Compose Mail”. – Type in your email address under “to” section of the window that pops up. Then, put a comma after it to add another recipient line (you can do this for as many people or types of emails you want). You can also insert multiple emails in each line by just typing in their addresses one right after the other with no space between them! Hit enter/return when you’re finished making changes so they’ll save properly.

You should see something like this: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] . Once done adding all desired contacts, simply press send button at bottom left corner of screen and watch Gmail go to work!

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