can i use whatsapp on my tablet

As you may know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world. The company announced that it now has over 200 million active users monthly and well over 300 million total installs on Android alone. This makes WhatsApp by far the premier IM app on mobile. It’s so good, in fact, that Apple included support for the service in iOS 5.

With so many users, you may be wondering if WhatsApp is available for your specific device. While WhatsApp doesn’t have an official version of their app for tablets, there are ways to use WhatsApp on your tablet regardless of the platform it runs on. Keep reading to learn about all the ways you can use WhatsApp on your tablet and enjoy the popular messaging service.

Using WhatsApp on Tablet: WhatsPad

WhatsPad is a simple, free app available on Google Play that makes it possible to use WhatsApp on your tablet. It’s stable, works as advertised and best of all, free. You can even sync chats between your smartphone and tablet using Whatapp+ so you never miss a message. Setup is as simple as installing the app, entering your credentials and syncing your contacts.

Using WhatsApp on Tablet: WhatsWeb for iOS

Installing WhatsApp Web on your iPhone or iPod touch is a quick way to send messages from your tablet using WhatsApp. The method does not work with an iPad for one simple reason: iOS does not let you install apps that are not available through the App Store.

However, if you use an iPod touch or older iPhone (iPhone 3GS is recommended), then installing WhatsApp Web on the device allows you to access your chats from WhatsApp using your tablet. You can read more about it here.

Using WhatsApp on Tablet: iPadian

iPadian is a free emulator available from the App Store. It’s designed to trick apps into thinking that they’re running on an actual device. In this case, it allows you to run WhatsApp for Android as well as other popular IM services from Google and others from your tablet. While there are no guarantees, it has been known to work for some people.

Using WhatsApp on Tablet: Perhaps a Custom ROM?

Installing WhatsApp from an outside source is not recommended as it could break your warranty and result in all sorts of other issues. That said, if you really want to try installing WhatsApp on your tablet using the QR code or some other means, give it a try.

Keep in mind that you’re on your own when it comes to making sure that everything runs smoothly. As with all things, using this method is at your own risk. You can review the official thread for more information if you wish to proceed. However, most people do not recommend doing this.

Conclusions: Can I use WhatsApp on my Tablet?

As you can see, it’s possible to use WhatsApp on your tablet regardless of the platform it runs on. There are several methods to choose from depending on what kind of device you have and how much effort you want to put into the process. The most preferable method is WhatsPad, which lets you use WhatsApp on your tablet quickly and easily. As explained above, it’s best to avoid installing WhatsApp from sources other than the Play Store. In most cases, there are security risks involved.

While WhatsApp doesn’t officially support tablets yet, it’s possible to get a near Android experience using the emulator iPadian. However, just keep in mind that you won’t get a full tablet experience. For example, WhatsApp will look and feel like an Android phone app instead of the tablet interface available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher.

While it’s possible to use WhatsApp on your tablet using one of the methods outlined above , if you have the option, it’s best to use WhatsApp on your phone instead of your tablet. Tablets were made for all sorts of other things like browsing the web, using apps and checking email. WhatsApp is primarily made for phones so make sure you’re not trying to do too much with it.

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