How to Make Your Own Custom GIFs for Instagram

Our generation is the most visual and the most engaged with social media. This is why we love using GIFs to show our friends how we feel or what we’re doing in a quick, fun way. Instagram has made it easy for us to add GIFs by simply uploading them from your phone’s photo library. But if you want something more personalized, then following these steps will teach you how to make your own custom GIFs!

Do you want to make your own custom GIFs for Instagram? If so, continue reading. We will go over how to do this in a few easy steps.

First, you will need to open up an app. Our favorite is Gif Maker by Riffsy . It’s a free app and very easy to use!

Once the app opens click on “Camera” so that it turns blue. Then start recording your GIFs or videos using the camera button located at the bottom of the screen:

You can hold down this button for as long as you want and release when you’re done. You’ll then be able to preview what was just recorded before saving it: To save images go back into “Camera” mode and press ‘Share’: Once there, select Instagram from your list of apps (the last one): now upload

One more thing: we also recommend uploading them to YouTube so that you can link it in your bio instead of having a blank space where people will click off or get distracted.

Finally, make sure all permissions are turned on when using Gif Maker by Riffsy app for users under 13 years old.

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