How to Tag Someone on Instagram Post, Story, and comments

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Post, Story, and comments you can tag people in an Instagram post, story, and comments. As an Instagram user if you ever want to mention your friends or followers then you have the option of tagging them on Instagram using #tag feature or by commenting on their username.

A person can be mentioned on the photo/video only once per Insta post, so if you are sharing multiple images of the same event with your friends, make sure not to use the same hashtags again and again for every image. You will have to create your own unique hashtags for each of them which will help distinguish between posts.

On Instagram it is possible to mention people in three places i.e., Posting Images/Videos, Sharing Stories, and Commenting on others’ posts (Direct Messages).

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Post: While posting images or videos you can tag people in it. First of all, upload an image or video which you want to share with your friends by tapping on the Add media option at the top-right corner of your profile page. Next, click on the bottom middle area where there is a box containing ‘Add Caption’ and ‘Hashtag’ options. Now, enter the first username of the person whom you want to mention in the caption box and then tap on the Hashtag button. Enter that particular hashtag into the caption field followed by the name of your friend/follower separated by a comma. For example – #mybrotherkennyrocks, #followforfollowback.

We all know how to tag someone on Instagram post, but did you realize that it’s also possible to tag someone in comments and direct messages? This article will show you how. We’ll walk through the steps for tagging people in posts, stories, and comments. You can either use their username or link to their profile picture when tagging them!

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Stories: Sharing stories is a great way to connect with your friends and followers in a more interactive way because unlike the posts it will be available only for 24 hours after which it will get automatically removed from your profile. To mention someone in your story you should follow the same steps as mentioned above while sharing an image/video but select the ‘STORY’ option instead of ‘POST’. This feature can be used by both Android & iOS users.

How to Tag Someone on Comments: In the comments section, you can also let people know that what’s going over there/what have you been up to. Start typing a comment and then tap on the username field at the bottom right corner. Now, type the name or username of that person to tag them in your comment and then tap on the entering button.

How to Tag Someone on Direct Messages: Last but not the least; you can mention people in direct messages as well. Tap on the DM icon (Looks like an open box) at the top right corner of your screen. Now click on the ‘Type a Message’ field and enter their username or first few letters of their name followed by # before sending it.

So this was all about how to tag someone on an Instagram post, stories, and comments? Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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